Wednesday, August 3, 2016

JAPAN VISA!!! Paano?

its not my first time sa Japan, but its my first time to get my own visa. usually kasi my visa was sponsored by my Family in Japan kaya I can stay ng mas matagal, winter-spring season ako lagi nagpupunta because perfect for me that weather and its also perfect for layering your ootd. hahaha! when you have a sponsored visa usually sila na mag-provide ng lahat ng documents that you needed for your visa apllication. all you have to do nalang is to secure a copy of NSO birth certificate or kung may iba pang i-request ang embassy na documents.

the visa is absolutely free, if you apply directly sa Japan Embassy, but I think most visa application nowadays is kailangan na dumaan sa mga accredited travel agency ng Japan Embassy at mas convenient yun. syempre pag ganun there is a minimal fee for the service ng travel agency, I always apply sa reli tours in SM megamall since isa sila sa accedited travel agency ng Japan Embassy and waiting for the visa usually takes 5-7days ( the most crucial time as always, dika pede magpaka-confident kahit na complete requirements kaya more pray at stay posotive mapapasayo din ang visa nayan. trust me, been there several times hahaha! )

so tama na ang pag-chika ito na ang mga kailangan nyo i-prepare na documents;

1. passport na dapat atleast 6mos valid pa sa travel date mo. kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?

2. 2x2 picture with white background.

3. birth certificate from NSO (on my case hinde na ako pinag-pasa ng travel agency since I have several japan visa na.) 

4. application form ( with this one kailangan bawat question may sagot ka, kung wala naman talaga at di applicable just put "N/A", you have to provide your airline and accomodation sa app form pero hinde naman kailangan na naka-book na. like what I did I just check some available flights lang and get the details same sa accomodation I just get a valid address for accomodation lang airbnb or agoda pwde nyo i-check for details. )

5. daily japan itinerary. 

6. Bank Certificate or ITR (in my case I pass bank cert since Im a self-employed.)

7. bussiness registration or COE ( again sa case ko since self-employed ako DTI permit ang pinasa ko.)

8. I also provided an explanation of letter kung bakit wala akong ITR. 

so ganyan lang ka-simple kumuha ng visa, I paid 1000php sa travelpros in SM fairview, pero sa reli tours I think its 950php lang. iba-iba yata price ng mga travel agency na nag-aasis for japan visa. I hope this post will help you in the future.  :)

light and love,

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