Thursday, August 11, 2016

30 random facts about Me. :)

1. Im just a kid with a Givenchy bag that full of dreams.

2. I can live with plain yogurt alone with chia seeds.

3. Im a very matipid person, you really have to trust me with this one.

4. I have a seperate bank account for my dream bag at hanggang dream padin sya until now. 

5. I sold all of my luxury bag except for the givenchy nightingale.

6. I cant sleep whenever I want something, so kailangan mabili ko sya.

7. Pag may isang product ako na nagustuhan forever ko na syang gusto and I hoard them.

8. I cant go without a sunblock at dapat waterbased sya. 

9. White, Neutral and Black is my color.

10.  tiramisu is my ultimate favorite dessert.

11. I have never been to Boracay. I know right. 

12. Dapat laging may Alcohol or Hand Sanitizer. 

13. I have a chanel wallet pero hinde ko ginagamit, dahil mas sanay ako sa coin purse lang where in everything is there na from cash, credit cards and Id's.

14. I love winter to mid spring season.

15. without Internet I will be so broke.

16. Im addicted to vitamilk double choco shake, Usually 1 liter a day nauubos ko.

17. I still cry kahit ilang beses ko na napanuod ang my sisters keeper.

18. I postponed my dream to study fundamentals in baking and Givenchy pandora bag just for Turkey.

19. I always took a lot of selfie but I don't usually post them.

20. takoyaki, salmon sushi, lechon and kare-kare is my comfort food.

21. I always order the same food at Pancake House which is Fish roll. 

22. I always wanted to enroll in a swimming class.

23. anything with mint flavor is fine.

24. Im an expert maleta-packer.

25. kung ikakasal ako it would ba a destination wedding at sa Bali yun. 

26. I love extreme rides kahit bawal due to my back condition.

27. friends are like family and family is forever.

28. when I dont like you, I dont like you na talaga but atleast I dont Hate you. :)

29. "I trust you" is always a better compliment than "I love you", once na sinira mo yung trust na binigay ko, goodbye na and goodluck nalang sayo.
30. Virgin pa ako. ang sad dba?

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