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its more fun in davao day 1

hello davao! shux muntik na muntik na talaga kami maiwan ng flight as in minutes na lang ang difference magsasara na ang boarding gate. Buti nalang nag-try ako mag web check-in sa Cebu pacific online and YES! it really works. No need na pumila ng mahaba sa mga gate ng airport kumbaga 'ganda lang' ang peg. choz!

Brief background muna mula sa davao courtesy of kumareng Google.

The beginnings of Davao as a distinct geopolitical entity started during the last fifty years of Spanish rule in the country. While Spanish sovereignty had been established along the northeastern coasts of Mindanao down to Bislig as early as 1620, it was not until the conquest of Davao Gulf area in 1848 that Spanish sway in these parts became de facto, and Davao’s history began to be recorded.
In that year, Don Jose Cruz de Oyanguren, a native of Vergara, Guipuzcoa, Spain, having received a special grant from Don Narciso Claveria, Governor- General of the Archipelago, “to conquer and subdue the entire gulf district, expel or pacify the Moros there, and establish the Christian religion....” arrived in Davao as head of a colonizing expedition comprising 70 men and women. They found an ally in Datu Daupan, chief of the Samal Mandayas, who saw in Oyanguren’s colonizing venture a chance to get even with Datu Bago, Muslim chief of Davao Gulf, who had treated the Mandayas as vassals. Oyanguren’s initial attack against Datu Bago’s fortified settlement at the mouth of Davao River proved futile. His ships could not maneuver in the narrow channel of the Davao River bend (where Bolton Bridge is now located) and was forced to retreat. He erected at Piapi a palisade for his defense and constructed a causeway across nipa swamps to the dry section of the meadows (now at Claveria Street junction), inorder to bring his canons within range to Datu Bago’s settlement. In the three months that he devoted to constructing the causeway, Oyanguren had also to fend off Datu Bago’s harassing attacks against the workers.
Finally, late in June help came from Zamboanga. Don Manuel Quesada, Navy Commanding General, arrived with a company of infantry and joined in the attack against Datu Bago’s settlement. The out-gunned defenders, despite their tenacious resistance, finally fled in the cover of night to different Muslim communities in the hope of carrying on the fight some other day.Oyanguren was reported to have peaceful possession of the Davao Gulf territory at the end of 1849, despite lack of support from the government in Manila and his principals in the venture. He campaigned hard among the different tribes --the Mandayas, Manobos, etc. urging them to live in settlements or reducciones in order to reach them for trade and commerce, but to no avail. The Moros** continued to threaten those who collaborated with the EspaƱoles. Little headway was made in economic development of the gulf region.

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pramis hinde ako aware sa picture na ito. Mukha naman akong fresh dito kahit na 24hrs na akong gising. Pano ba naman ang daming ganap nung thursday frm work at citibank to dinner at omakase morato w/ Jobo and Carla to inuman session at tides bar & grill with Jobo, Phei, Carla at Cammy then nag-kowloon pa kami ni Phei to eat siopao and beef mami sa my regalado before nya ako hinatid sa kanto ng village.

ang tagal naman nila mag-CR.

Checking my internet connections. Good thing malakas ang signal Go lang talaga ng Go ang GLOBE! Been using Globe for almost 10yrs na.

First stop EDEN NATURE PARK. kung bet nyo makipag-bonding kay Mother Earth this is the place to be. We arrived at the park at exactly 11am, dapat mas early kayo pumunta para yung shuttle tour sa loob ng park early din ang promo. Since late kami 3pm na yung tour na nakuha namin.

Bet ko yung ganitong scene very twilight at vampire diaries lang ang PEG. nasaan kaya si Damon Salvator? They serve the lunch buffet by 11:30 so we decided to stroll muna the place. Shuttle tour nga pala is 120.00 and the luncn buffet is 470.00

Ang daming naka-kalat na peacock sa loob ng farm. they also have mini-zoo pero mostly birds ang laman.

Cute ng shop na ito, they sell stuff para sa mga mahilig mag-gardening.

Best in blue pala ang outfit ko my White shirt is from Topshop, Shorts from Mango, Vest from my friends closet, Flip-flops from havaiinas and my Bag from Reebok. oh in details yan.

May mga ganito pa oh, so avail ko nadin sarap lang sumakay dito.

Salad Bar. all of the ingredients is organic. bakit ko alam? na-inform ako sa tour sa eden park mismo yan nakatanim lahat. HEALTH IS WEALTH.

Best in lafang lang ako, pero this time swear very light lang nakain ko, hinde kasi ako nakapag warm-up!

Group pictures while having lunch with our Host in Davao Tito Ric (the one in the orange shirt) and Eric ( the one in the yellow shirt, He is Tito Ric's eldest son) they're both so mabait best in Chika kami ni Eric while in the road going to Eden nag-convoy kasi kami according to age hahaha!

While eating at Eden's resto biglang lumakas ng ulan till our scheduled tour in the park kaya ang ending hinde kami masyadong nakapagpa-picture sa park. Pero may kaunti pa rin nman kahit papaano.

This is the amphitheater of Eden Nature Park. Here pwde ang mga venue like kasal or kung anong ganap man ang bet nyo.

Ito yung ride namin for the tour. Group picture for the nth time.

Nakakatawa si Eric dito, sabi nya dun sa nag-pipicture samin hinde  daw nya angle ang side na ito.

After nito bumalik na kami sa tourist camp ng Eden's. Trust me ang ganda ng place they have different type of accomodation for couple kahit buong pamilya isama mo pa ang buong barangay. May mga pond pa na ganap, prayer garden, organic farm, flower farm at madami pang type ng farm. Pwde kadin mag-trail hiking, I think its around 4km pero di ko bet kasi nakakaligaw yung place kahit may Mapa pa ako for sure lost in space padin ako. and Did I mention naba na hot spot ang Eden how cool is that diba?

After ng tour namin sa Eden we went home muna sa place nila Eric para naman makapag freshen-up at matulog muna. so syempre ako pagkadating na pagkadating sa room borloks na ako agad then ginising nalang kami ni Tito Ric around 8pm to have dinner at one of the famous local resto in davao.

This time my kasama na kami her name is Khaye, she is Eric's friend. She's originally in Surigao but sa davao na xa nag-aral ng HS to College. Shes a registered Nurse pero sandali lang nya na-practice (by the way Eric is also an RN, meron cyang spare parts bussiness na pang mga motor here in davao). It's Khaye's lastnight in davao dahil she will fly to manila kinabukasan dahil my interview cya sa UK embassy, oh diba yes friends na kami at best in chika na kaya kami like in work at sa mga celebrity. We have something in common, We like ate Divine Lee. Ih hinde ako mis-information sa inyo yung name ng place na kinainan namin is Conchita's or Conching, basta may 'CON' yung first syllable nya. We had native chicken, Imbao de Cebu na bet na bet ko its a sea shells dish, Kilawing Kambing ayoko talaga itry but kinulit ako ni Khaye kaya ok go nadin ako in all fairness masarap naman cya. We also had panga ng tuna super sarap din kaso mas bet ko sana ang panga ni Toni Gonzaga,echos!

After namin lumafang we went home na pero kami ni Khaye best in chika padin kami while watching a movie sa sala nila, anyway super bet ko ang entertainment showcase nila Eric super pang-mayaman lang ang peg. Hinde na kami nakapag-paalaman ni Khaye ng maayus kasi bigla nalang cya umexit but since friends na kami textmate nadin kami. We are planning to bond soon in Manila.

Yan na muna ang mga ganap sa davao, Next post is yung deca wakeboarding.

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