Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How To Wear V-Neck Tees

V-neck is one of my staple and basic pieces on my wardrobes. lakas kasi maka-sosyal ng Vneck specially yung plain white tees. Super versatile lang ang peg ng shirt na ito kasi you can play with it, keri mo siyang lagyan nung kung anu-anong abubot. It's a simple piece na kahit malaos na ang mga usong style it will live forever. Kaya naman hinde ako nagpa-awat sa pagbili ng Vneck I have some sweet Vneck meron din naman yung tipong scandalous na or nipple slip Vneck.

Here are some tips and pictures of celebrity at syempre picture ko wearing Vneck. Kaya kung bet nyo ang mga pictures of celebrity and me wearing Vneck ano pang hinihintay nyo mamakyaw na kayo specially this summer para you can show skins in a sexy and class way.

Yes, there is sort of a right and wrong way to wear these. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you’re wearing a v-neck shirt, but feel free to totally disregard these and wear yours however you want if you think you can pull it off.

Don’t bare too much skin elsewhere. The key to wearing a top with a super low neckline is to make sure you don’t wear it with a super short skirt (unless you’re out partying or something.) When it comes to showing skin, less is usually more! pak very me lang ang eksenang ito.

Experiment with jewelry, but not too much. Low v-necks can be a great way to show off a cute necklace, Take note, though, that they didn’t wear earrings too: that would be overkill! Pick one piece of jewelry that you want the focus to be on. Note: bracelets are okay here, you can wear them too without taking away from the rest of your look. keri din na mag-add tayo ng scarf the colorful the bongga specially this summer but I prefer animal print for my personal style.

Don’t be afraid of color. While the trendiest shade for this tee is definitely white, don’t be afraid to rock one in a bright color too! These shirts are fairly inexpensive, so I recommend getting one in a bunch of your favorite colors if you’re indecisive about that kind of thing! bery true try to visit topshop for they're Vneck options, or f&h para mas swak sa budget natin.

Try one tucked in to a high-waisted skirt! The look is very Mary-Kate below, super high-fashion and really. I like white with black because it’s classic, but you could try a brightly colored tee tucked in to a high-waisted pencil skirt as well! bongga din kung mag-add tayo ng mga blazer for more classic and sosyal look.

Wear a v-neck tee with casual jeans. This would be a great outfit to wear to class because it’s dressed down yet still fashion forward. Accessorize with a bright shoe or bag, and you have an outfit that’s comfy and cute for every day. so everyday is a Vneck day, teka bga makabili nga in all color and brand.

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