Thursday, June 6, 2013

the many bags of Kate Moss

Today’s the first official day of New York Fashion Week, and while Megs and I are out and about doing the whole NYFW thing, we though it only appropriate that we give you an opportunity to spend some time looking through the considerable handbag hoard of a real, capital-F fashion icon, not just some celeb. The only choice, of course, was Kate Moss. Before the “model off duty” look was a thing, Kate was dressing in skinny pants, animal prints and lots of great handbags.

As you might expect, Kate’s collection skews largely neutral, and within that, largely black. In that way, she’s a girl after my own heart, and likely after many of yours. She’s designed several lines of bags for Longchamp, of course, but her whole personal collection was a joy to sift through, all the way from one of the first Balenciaga Motorcycle Bags ever made to the latest from Saint Laurent. Check out the full show below and wish us luck at Fashion Week!

Kate’s collection is so vast and varied that I’m not sure where to begin, except to say that she has a serious and long-running love of bags that are black and simple, like this Yves Saint Laurent Easy Tote

Moss has carried quite a bit of neutral YSL over the years – check out her taupe ostrich Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Tote

Of course, Kate also has the original YSL It Bag, a cream-colored Yves Saint Laurent Muse Tote. one of my dream ba akin nalang ito teh...

Kate even uses her Bayswaters as travel bags, although at this size, it’s actually called a Mulberry Piccadilly Leather Holdall. Bet ko ito as a weekend bag perfect pang escapade ng very light.

Kate carried this Prada Antik Bowler to the first day of school with her daughter. syempre hinde pwedeng walang prada paandar ang lola nyo.

ganito dapat ang emote pag nasisindi ng yosi para clazz.. walang konek.

si ate rumaket pala sa longchamp this time she's carrying her own design kate moss x longchamp gloucester duffel...woah hitap i-spell ah

oh isa pang kate moss x longchamp line ni ate...di talaga papa-awat eh

oh ito daw favorite nya sa longchamp brand...okay perfect sakin ang animal print..kaya 100 ang grade mo sakin.

isa pang weekender bag ni ate gucci gucci din daw pag may time...

syempre hinde pwdeng walang louis vuitton ang lola mo eh nakatatak kaya ang face nya sa brand na iyon...pahiram nga ako nito.

at bilang new face ng givenchy si ate...ikaw na talaga! eto givenchy antigona naman ang carry nya...kainggit.

eh syempre hinde pwdeng walang chanel bag ang lola edi na-award xa kay lola karl ko...

hay naku tama na...mamigay ka naman ng isang bag jan...hagis mo sakin.

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