Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I miss Chloe so much it hurts...

I feel so sad everytime na uuwe ako ng bahay knowing that Chloe wasn't there anymore para salubungin ako and to scratch my legs para lang magpabuhat sakin. All the memories with that little dog was still fresh on my heart and mind. Mas gugustuhin ko pa na ma-broken hearted kesa mawalan ng aso uli. Kasi pag broken heated ako it will only last mga 12-24hrs lang and then ok na uli ako, but this one even though I look perfectly Ok eh hinde pa rin ako Ok! the 3yrs with Chloe around in our house is not easy to forget. For sure it will take like months before ako tuluyang maka-move-on on dealing with Chloe's lost.

Wherever Chloe's now I'm sure shes very happy, at least kahit na hiling sandali alam nyang ginawa ko ang lahat just to save her life. I already whispered na nga a prayer in heaven habang papunta kami sa Vet clinic na ready na ako i give-up yung pambili ko ng LV bag mabuhay lang si Chloe. Unfortunately dean on arrival na si Chloe as per the vet doctor, at first ayokong maniwala sa kanya, I am still hoping na biglang babangon si Chloe at tatakbo sakin, pero hinde she remains so stiff. We decided to go straight sa bulacan para ilibing si Chloe sa backyard, while we're on our way to bulacan I am still caressing her tummy for the very last time since yun yung favorite nya na ginagawa namin sa kanya.

Sa sobrang shock ko sa nangyari because everything is very unexpected, Tito ko na ang naghukay ng lilibingan ni Chloe with that i would like to Thank my tito and tita. Hinde na nga kami naka-uwe para kunin man lang sana ang gown ni Chloe, We put her on my doc martens shoebox and wrap her body in a Hello Kitty blanket. My friend who is a vet doctor said that there are some cases that even science cant explain why biglang namamatay ang mga doggy, sabi nya usually they're saving daw a member of a family from being sick or worst death din. Kaya naman yun nalang iniisip ko why Chloe left us that fast, maybe Chloe sacrificed her own life to save a life of one of my love ones. I owe a lot to Chloe, she knows everything a lot of me. I miss Chloe so much it hurts. One day we are going to be reunited again in heaven Chloe.

What more touching pa is all my friends are comforting me, because alam nila how I love Chloe. Some of my friends gave me milk tea and chocolates para hinde na ako masyado ma-sad. For sure Chloe is very happy because you are helping me to recover easily. Kahit na nga yung mga friends ko na hinde naman ganun ka-fond or ka animal lover eh talaga naman kinomfort din ako. Again in behalf if Chloe, Thank you so much!

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