Wednesday, October 17, 2012

5 round sunglasses styles to take from summer to autumn

Who would’ve thought Ozzy Osborne and Robin Gibb would ever be trendsetters? Well they’re not, it just happens to be that they’re known for the round shades that we’re currently crushing on. Times have changed; everything out is in again and round is definitely in. Sunglasses have lost their angle and rounded up their edges in different ways; from half-frames to cat-eyes, circular is what’s guaranteed to add character to your look.
After the break: 5 types of round sunglasses that’ll take you through summer and into fall 2012.

Cat eye

Go for a 2 in 1 shape. The cat-eye frame is also a big hit this season, so opting for a round cat-eye shape is definitely a win-win. The 3/4 round and 1/4 angular shape creates a cheerful girly appeal, leaving you with an all-the-time jolly look.

The half-frame

Allow the accent on the top part of the frame to take all the attention. A bolder upper frame creates an edgier and more original feel to a round sun cheater.

The perfect circle

Don’t shy away from the extreme evened out circular frame. This number is the typical blast from the past that will give you utmost character. Make sure to opt for a diameter that works coordinately with your face.

The printed frame

We’ve seen prints on everything from tops to bottoms and dresses and now prints have made their debut on accessories. Inject color and texture through your shades, creating a great impact by pairing a colorful outfit, too.

The thin frame

The less discreet the frame, the more you’re emphasizing on the round shape. A bolder frame will distract the eye from noticing the roundness- but not if your rocking minimal sunnies. Your can depend on a pair like these with any sort of outfit.

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